Artist’s Interview- Emily Louise Heard Art

An interview of a wonderful and talented friend. : )

Emily Louise Heard

emily louise heard art, colourful paintings Emily Louise Heard Art- Decisions decisions…

1) Tell us about yourself (background, location, age, fun facts, hobbies) 

Born in Wales, I am 25 years old, I have three siblings, and I am currently living and working in Stratford Upon Avon with my partner Matthew.  I have loved art all of my life, and vividly remember being no more than five years old staring at a painting on a wall, utterly transfixed.  From that moment on I knew that all I really wanted was to learn how to draw and paint, and I am still learning every single day!
I have a degree in Psychology, and as a self taught artist I have experienced a lot of trial and error in refining my artistic skills and abilities, particularly with my painting.
I dabble in Yoga, I am obsessed with dogs, and I own far too many turquoise things and silver rings!

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