Pac-Sam — (Update)

Vlogs from the highly creative sci-fi, surrealistic fantasy, TSpE series.

“추 신: 하나, 게임큐브, 게임보이 컬러입니다..” Cecilia held out the Gameboy Colour.
– PS One, GameCube, that’s a Gameboy Color.

Sam’s head leaned closer towards the Gameboy Color, it was a lime version. Cecilia had in fact, had scattered around her all the consoles she owned since a child, or teenager.


They weren’t broken, just due to time, she felt probably they didn’t work. Came to the end of their life cycle, like all consoles do. She could just auction them, considering someday, they value higher overtime. But she couldn’t.

There was a sentimental value to them, no price could name. She had quite a collection. Apple II series owned by her father. MSX2. A tangerine iMac G3. SNES, Super Nintendo. PS2, to name a few. Even the classic Game Boy. And most recently, Sony’s latest winner, PS4.

“그것은 작동 합니까?”
– Does it work? Sam bubbled a question.

“그것을 부팅을 시도해 볼 수 있습니다.”
– Lets try booting it up.

Well, surprising once Cecilia switched on the Gameboy, Pac-Man actually began booting up. It was functional. Developed by Namco, originally it was released as an arcade game. Sam watched closely. Identifying a game pattern. A Pac-Man head raced forward, down, left, down, right, right, up, Cecilia hoped to avoid the GHOSTS as she or the Pac-head ate pellets (Pac-dots) and fruits. But really, she was aiming for the power pellets, to eat the GHOSTS. But that was a real fail. After a few hits, Pac-Man withered and died. A soft sigh of disappointment came over Cecilia, it was just a videogame.

“샘은 Pac 샘 아이디어 생성.”
– Sam generated a Pac-Sam idea.

Sam visualised the blue maze, with Sam’s head replacing the Pac-head. Sam head began racing in directions. Collecting battery packs for 3 fuel cell charges, if GHOSTS came racing in all directions, this would call for a system malfunction wipeout. It’d clear map of all GHOSTS.

And now, a GHOST (a computer virus) was heading towards Sam-head direction. Could this be a life lost or touch of corruption? Nope. Add reflex mode of MGSV Ground Zeroes, press A, direction facing the GHOST. Press & hold B. Sam had a better chance here, fading with effects and pop! And Sam-head t-jumped behind the GHOST. Heading for the exist.

“팩 맨은 진짜 클래식… 하지만, 난 Pac 샘 생각 처럼.”
– Pac-Man is a real classic… But, I like the Pac-Sam idea. Cecilia winked.

. . .

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