Meet Malinda Prud’homme — (Update)

A talented Mixed Media & Portrait Artist – Interview

Who is Malinda? A new generation of emerging artists.


Hi Everyone! My name is Malinda Prud’homme and I’m a Mixed Media and Portrait Artist working full time from my studio in Toronto’s Art & Design District. My greatest passion is portraying that ALL women are beautiful in their own unique way. No matter their age, size, ethnicity, or personal style; women are gorgeous beings and it is my hope that my work will help them put aside their harsh self-criticism and see themselves are they truly are. While creating portraiture is my main passion, I also love to travel and therefore depict worldly scenes in my work from time to time. When I’m not making art or traveling I am likely cuddled up with a good book or TV show in my cozy little home which I call my “hobbit hole”.
How do you define creativity?


Creativity is a hard word to define because it takes form in SO many ways. For myself, creativity is when you use your mind and/or hands to make something out of nothing. I feel that taking part in some form of creativity is extremely important to the human mind. Whatever is being created does not need to be highly impressive, different, or even worth sharing. It’s the act of creating that is important. It allows our minds to think outside of the box which is something a lot of us lack in our currently society. Taking the time to use our body and mind for something other than the usual ins-and-outs of daily life helps us feel fresh and alive!
How did generating such images come about?

Malinda Prudhomme - A Mark Of Beauty - Oil Paint on Canvas

My artwork has definitely grown over the years. While I am still very happy with the quality of my early work I am very proud of my progression. I began my career part time and despite all of the advice I was given to “STICK TO ONE SUBJECT MATTER” I decided to let myself explore a variety of subjects and mediums to find my true passion naturally. I began with still life, travel images, and the occasional portrait but with time it became clear that my true talent and passion was for female portraiture. I have always felt very strongly about the struggles of women and have always wanted to make a stand against the strict rules we apply to ourselves based on what we see in the media. It was only natural that I began to share this message through my work.
Where do you find inspiration to create, if any?


I find inspiration EVERYWHERE! I honestly LOVE what I do so it is not hard for me to get up and go go go! I tend to find inspiration for my female empowerment work via current issues and the women around me. I also find a lot of inspiration from the places I travel to, the books I read, and the television shows I enjoy. All of this has begun to fade in comparison to the inspiration I receive from my fans. When people, particularly women, comment to tell me how my work and message has inspired them to be kinder to themselves and others, well, there is nothing better than that! It is the most fulfilling thing to experience and it drives me to continue my work.
Could you walk us through your editing process? Do you follow your instincts? An intuition, or do you go with the flow as it takes shape?


My process is very planned and executed step by step. Many artists like to go-with-the-flow, which I like to do on occasion, but generally I plan everything out before starting. My first step is choosing a muse. If it is a persona who has granted me permission to use their un-edited photo then I like to stay true to that persons features as much as I can. If it is an online image that has struck my fancy I try to alter it to fit my artistic desires and to make the image unique.
After my references are chosen I will create a scaled drawing either on white paper (for small work) or on kraft paper (for large work). When I am pleased with my drawing I transfer it over to the canvas or working surface and usually begin by blocking in the background. I have always felt that working on the items that are further away in the image first, and working my way up to the closer items and facial features, leads to a crisp highly professional looking piece. The depth is captured in a realistic way using this technique, nothing overlaps, and lines are nice and crisp. Working on one item at a time I focus on larger details then smaller details and end with the final touches (the facial features or tiny details) which brings the whole piece to life.
How do you feel about your work? I’m highly aware your work continues to inspire many individuals.


I absolutely LOVE my work! Do I think I’m “the best”? Absolutely not! Do I think I’m “the worst”? Absolutely not! My work is my own and I never compare myself to others (in the art world or in my personal life). I am very proud of the message I portray with my work and while I used to “hope” it would touch people I am now able to say that I KNOW is touches people. Receiving words of praise not only for my talent, technique, or style; but for my message as well, is something I live for.
How do you feel about social media platforms, is expressing creative work much easier or difficult? Is the future brighter for emerging artists like yourself?


Utilizing social media as an artist is PARAMOUNT! In this day and age art patrons are leaving their house less and turning to the internet more. I would say at least 75% of my sales and commissions are received via social media and my website. I put a lot of hours and energy into my sites for a reason; it works. Not only does it work but it allows someone who is extremely shy, like myself, to voice themselves clearly and have their work seen by thousands of people. I suggest any artist looking to make a career our of their artwork utilize as many social media sites as possible and have their own properly organized website. You have to put many hours in, you have to get a little personal, you have to work at it everyday; but a career in visual arts is possible! I’m living proof!
Any current projects you are working on?


I am currently working on a beautiful Indian Bride portrait for a client in Hong Kong! I am so overjoyed with this project! The composition and woman being depicted are absolutely stunning and I love working with metallic paints and real acrylic gems! I also LOVE to share my progress with my fans online as the piece is being made so that they can view it coming to life and learn a bit about how my work is done. The fact that this piece will be going across the world is just a big added bonus and I would be so thrilled if it led to more work in that area pf the world.
Any message for emerging artists, or those with a keen interest in photography? Words of inspiration.


Anyone who is thinking of becoming a professional artist can take hope from my experiences and know that it is possible. It is isn’t easy, in fact it’s a lot of work, but it is possible. My biggest advice is to never be hard on yourself, never compare your work or success to other artists, and do everything you possibly can to get your work seen. Daily social media posts, both art related and personal, are the best way to reach your audience and build on it too. Remember, art isn’t JUST a product; it’s a feeling. You’re future clients want to get to know YOU as well as your art. Be confident and modest, be kind but strong in your beliefs, and the people who are attracted to your light will find you.

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I’d like to thank my dear friend Malinda for accepting to allow me to interview her. Ever in great support of her, always. You can follow her amazing work on the links below;

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Life On Planet Earth — (Update)

Cocoon, a short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY.


So it sings?…
“Yes it sings,… The Beatles sing. Hums to your ears. It’s the music culture.”
Tell me more…
“The blue planet is comprised of a lot of elements, but we find inspiration from a lot of things in life. Music, film culture are some… Things that pull at our heart strings. We make a connection with. Films are a collection of still images projecting moving visuals. Telling a story. You see it being acted out on a larger screen. But technology is changing. There’s digital filmmaking, using a device that preserves information, only it’s not in physical print. Like this…
He pulled out his iPhone, and placed it back.
Used to take selfies…you’ve not seen the Oscars. Self portraits of oneself. Quite popular on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. The social networks, how people communicate with each other nowadays. We call this the social media, to keep in touch.” He continued.
“Photo albums, pictures that take you down memory lane once in a while. You’d be surprised by what we forget at a time.”
And what of music?…
“Music, it’s words of poetry. Lyrics that make a connection. Add a soundtrack to match the intensity. Like the one playing on the radio. Music has come a long way. From CD discs to the digital age. You carry it with you, but it’s somehow in the “cloud”. Metaphorically speaking. On the radio, I could even stream it on Spotify.”
“What I have on me is an iPhone, digital storage of images, films, books and music. This is the next generation of consuming information. Cd’s or even the older of this, the vinyl were thin discs of songs. Thinner and fragile than a frisbee. You could throw it like one.”
What does a frisbee look like?
“Our Solar System is comprised of planets, if you squash Saturn flat to the surface of its outer ring. That’s what a frisbee looks like.”
“And if anyone’s interested in constellations, and planets. You have people peeking through a telescope. Astronomers. Quite a view of the sky and stars.”
“With music… You try to find a song… Lyrics that describe ourself, our life…” Alaric expressed this in a profound way.
Have you found yours?…
“Not really… David Bowies’s song name, The Loneliest Guy comes to mind…” There was a long pause, after which he added.
“Sounds prefect…”

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And Then One Day…



The pen and paper just lay there
Like many a night before,
Beside the eerie lantern light
With shadows on the floor.
And like them every night I lay
Staring at the bright light
Willing my mind to rest at ease,
Fighting the urge to write.
And then one day, come dawn
Waking from a troubled sleep,
I see raindrops grace the morn
And thunder threatens to speak.
As I reach for pen and paper beside the lantern light
‘Oh God’, I whisper, ‘help me make this right.’
And then I put pen to paper under that golden glow
And as the rain came down with rage, my words, they began to flow.
Oh joy! I was finally free
From the shackles of the past
And with the raindrops on the trees
Came my tears of joy at last.

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Afloat Inside A Red Ball — (Update)

Cocoon, a short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY.


Alaric was floating away in the red bubble. Beaming brightly and energetically every second like a flashing beacon.
“So what keeps you amused? Don’t you get bored up here?… Probably not, considering the view from here.” Alaric asked the lifeform.
The Milky Way, as a band of glowing light, looks like spilled milk. Earth’s electric night activity, the composite glowing image you call, the Black Marble. The Galactic collisions—
“Data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite, cloud-free generated images. A new sensor was quipped to NASA-NOAA satellite in 2012, we could see this for the first time… Did you know? The glowing twinkles of lights are emitted by nature and humans.” Alaric interrupted unintentionally.
Silence fell over the lifeform. One of realisation. It really surprised it. It sounded, phenomenal.
… I watched Earth being born.
Silence fell between both of them after this. It gave way for yet another single by Coldplay, A SKY FULL OF STARS. Like it were singing to space. Alaric didn’t want to speak some more now.

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Something Like The Size Of A Tennis Ball — (Update) 

Cocoon, a short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY.


Your spacewalk failed. Soon, you will be out of oxygen. I have something for you. Inside me…
“What if you swallow me?”
You are edible, that would be cannibalism. Not for an alien lifeform… Don’t worry, I have no such intention to.
Alaric took a deep breath, eyes watery with confusion. He watched as it, this alien lifeform, grew closer towards him. Closer. And closer. And paused, almost touching him. It was like illusion, it seemed like it moved closer towards, not crawling but rather leaning towards him like a pendulum.
Take a look inside, I’ll show you what I am?
Alaric stretch out his arms in front of him. A single tap of his fingertip formed a ripple, its like water. Slowly allowing his hands to pass through it, like a wall, only it was jelly and soft. Wobbly. The canister hung on his back, almost out of a thrust or two. This wasn’t the time to think but rather to act first. With a force of a thrust, the last it seemed, he passed through, or into the lifeform. Once inside, he’d gone blind of sight, at least that’s what is seemed like. It was pitch black. But deep in the centre, there was a beam of flashing red, small but flashing like a beacon. Alaric narrowed his vulnerable eyes with slight caution. He slowly floated towards it. Closer. And closer.
It beamed red across Alaric’s face, glaring over his eyes, potently. The glowing beacon of a ball was as if, calling out to him. It was pulsating, in wordless transmission. The rhythmic beaming was translating to a calling out signal.
“What is this?… Something like the size of a tennis ball.” He asked the lifeform, expecting it to still be present.
This is for you… Grab hold of it. In front of you. It will create a bubble around you. You can breathe within.
Alaric paused for a few second, analysing the red ball, visually, the size of a tennis ball. But it didn’t seemed the equivalent weight of one.
“What if it sucks the life out of me?… How sure are you? What if my body rejects the air within the bubble as foreign agent?”
I’ve been long here before Earth was ever born. The lifeform reassured.
“What about gravity?”
You will float inside like you would out here, in space. With slight changes. None of your concern.
Alaric took a deep breath, out of anxiety. And as soon as he held the red ball in front of him, he watched as it formed a bubble around him like it were jelly. Enough breathing space. Movement was free. Comfortable. And then it solidified like a dome.
Alaric curiously darted his eyes to analysis the inner surface structure of this bubble. It was very bright, and smooth. He tapped hard at the surface with his finger. And even wiped his hand over the surface. It wasn’t glass for sure. Still couldn’t make out what type of material it was. That much that, it was alien like our lifeform friend. He was breathing deeply and gently. It was safe. His oxygen within his suit was restored.
You need to find your way back to Earth. The lifeform informed.

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Sam Vs Siri — (Update)

Vlogs from the highly creative sci-fi, surrealistic fantasy, TSpE series.

“Hey Siri! What’s this song playing?”

Cecilia had something playing in the back, on Shazam. Her iPhone held out in front of her.

Klapp Klapp by Little Dragon. A text bubble popped above Sam’s ball head. Cecilia turned towards Sam, and then back for Siri’s response.

– That sounds like Klapp Klapp by Little Dragon.

She smiled, warmly amused. How about we play a game of Name That Soundtrack, she thought. With Shazam, but specifically, Sam vs Siri. She tapped on Spotify, shuffled through her recently played playlists. Floating her finger over a specific song, she held down her finger and initiated Touch Preview. A 30-second sneak peek of the song before you even play it.

“Samantha OS participating too Etta?” Sam queried.

She smiled, and nodded, nope. If she, the operating system were real, that would be awesome she thought. Scarlett Johansson did such an amazing job of that!

She select one, as before she called out to Siri. A sweeping string orchestration followed by percussive beats with vibrant crackle of voice, powerfully charged. Known to create beautifully cathartic songs, Cecilia waited for a response. The lime earpiece in her ear vibrated, she tapped and activated it, and Pop! Sam generated an answer just before Siri responded. Set Fire To The Rain by Adele.

Soothing and ethereally sang, next came, a hypnotic kind. Dorian by Agnes Obel, replied Sam. Echoing guitar, accompanied by harrowing sorrow but enchanting whispering vocals, and again, Sam floated a cloud bubble, Winter by Daughter.

When Cecilia felt, it was about time she went for something quite energetic. Touch Preview announced a burst of sparkling piano-pop on steroids, Sam answered, Brave by Sara Bareilles. “Last chance Siri”, she went in for a final favorite soundtrack. 80s pop inspired driven by synthpop and guitar. The third single from 1989, Sam bounced, Style by Taylor Swift. And with that, the contest was over but she let the soundtrack continue to roll. Shazam came 3rd.

Cecilia had yet to fully realise the potentialities of Sam. Since he could response within nanoseconds. What was he not capable of she wandered, slightly with unease. Seemed like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Goggle Now weren’t quite there yet.

“Hey Siri, try less than a nanosecond next time.”

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