Sam Vs Siri — (Update)

Vlogs from the highly creative sci-fi, surrealistic fantasy, TSpE series.

“Hey Siri! What’s this song playing?”

Cecilia had something playing in the back, on Shazam. Her iPhone held out in front of her.

Klapp Klapp by Little Dragon. A text bubble popped above Sam’s ball head. Cecilia turned towards Sam, and then back for Siri’s response.

– That sounds like Klapp Klapp by Little Dragon.

She smiled, warmly amused. How about we play a game of Name That Soundtrack, she thought. With Shazam, but specifically, Sam vs Siri. She tapped on Spotify, shuffled through her recently played playlists. Floating her finger over a specific song, she held down her finger and initiated Touch Preview. A 30-second sneak peek of the song before you even play it.

“Samantha OS participating too Etta?” Sam queried.

She smiled, and nodded, nope. If she, the operating system were real, that would be awesome she thought. Scarlett Johansson did such an amazing job of that!

She select one, as before she called out to Siri. A sweeping string orchestration followed by percussive beats with vibrant crackle of voice, powerfully charged. Known to create beautifully cathartic songs, Cecilia waited for a response. The lime earpiece in her ear vibrated, she tapped and activated it, and Pop! Sam generated an answer just before Siri responded. Set Fire To The Rain by Adele.

Soothing and ethereally sang, next came, a hypnotic kind. Dorian by Agnes Obel, replied Sam. Echoing guitar, accompanied by harrowing sorrow but enchanting whispering vocals, and again, Sam floated a cloud bubble, Winter by Daughter.

When Cecilia felt, it was about time she went for something quite energetic. Touch Preview announced a burst of sparkling piano-pop on steroids, Sam answered, Brave by Sara Bareilles. “Last chance Siri”, she went in for a final favorite soundtrack. 80s pop inspired driven by synthpop and guitar. The third single from 1989, Sam bounced, Style by Taylor Swift. And with that, the contest was over but she let the soundtrack continue to roll. Shazam came 3rd.

Cecilia had yet to fully realise the potentialities of Sam. Since he could response within nanoseconds. What was he not capable of she wandered, slightly with unease. Seemed like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Goggle Now weren’t quite there yet.

“Hey Siri, try less than a nanosecond next time.”

. . .

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