Something Like The Size Of A Tennis Ball — (Update) 

Cocoon, a short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY.


Your spacewalk failed. Soon, you will be out of oxygen. I have something for you. Inside me…
“What if you swallow me?”
You are edible, that would be cannibalism. Not for an alien lifeform… Don’t worry, I have no such intention to.
Alaric took a deep breath, eyes watery with confusion. He watched as it, this alien lifeform, grew closer towards him. Closer. And closer. And paused, almost touching him. It was like illusion, it seemed like it moved closer towards, not crawling but rather leaning towards him like a pendulum.
Take a look inside, I’ll show you what I am?
Alaric stretch out his arms in front of him. A single tap of his fingertip formed a ripple, its like water. Slowly allowing his hands to pass through it, like a wall, only it was jelly and soft. Wobbly. The canister hung on his back, almost out of a thrust or two. This wasn’t the time to think but rather to act first. With a force of a thrust, the last it seemed, he passed through, or into the lifeform. Once inside, he’d gone blind of sight, at least that’s what is seemed like. It was pitch black. But deep in the centre, there was a beam of flashing red, small but flashing like a beacon. Alaric narrowed his vulnerable eyes with slight caution. He slowly floated towards it. Closer. And closer.
It beamed red across Alaric’s face, glaring over his eyes, potently. The glowing beacon of a ball was as if, calling out to him. It was pulsating, in wordless transmission. The rhythmic beaming was translating to a calling out signal.
“What is this?… Something like the size of a tennis ball.” He asked the lifeform, expecting it to still be present.
This is for you… Grab hold of it. In front of you. It will create a bubble around you. You can breathe within.
Alaric paused for a few second, analysing the red ball, visually, the size of a tennis ball. But it didn’t seemed the equivalent weight of one.
“What if it sucks the life out of me?… How sure are you? What if my body rejects the air within the bubble as foreign agent?”
I’ve been long here before Earth was ever born. The lifeform reassured.
“What about gravity?”
You will float inside like you would out here, in space. With slight changes. None of your concern.
Alaric took a deep breath, out of anxiety. And as soon as he held the red ball in front of him, he watched as it formed a bubble around him like it were jelly. Enough breathing space. Movement was free. Comfortable. And then it solidified like a dome.
Alaric curiously darted his eyes to analysis the inner surface structure of this bubble. It was very bright, and smooth. He tapped hard at the surface with his finger. And even wiped his hand over the surface. It wasn’t glass for sure. Still couldn’t make out what type of material it was. That much that, it was alien like our lifeform friend. He was breathing deeply and gently. It was safe. His oxygen within his suit was restored.
You need to find your way back to Earth. The lifeform informed.

. . .

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