Afloat Inside A Red Ball — (Update)

Cocoon, a short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY.


Alaric was floating away in the red bubble. Beaming brightly and energetically every second like a flashing beacon.
“So what keeps you amused? Don’t you get bored up here?… Probably not, considering the view from here.” Alaric asked the lifeform.
The Milky Way, as a band of glowing light, looks like spilled milk. Earth’s electric night activity, the composite glowing image you call, the Black Marble. The Galactic collisions—
“Data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite, cloud-free generated images. A new sensor was quipped to NASA-NOAA satellite in 2012, we could see this for the first time… Did you know? The glowing twinkles of lights are emitted by nature and humans.” Alaric interrupted unintentionally.
Silence fell over the lifeform. One of realisation. It really surprised it. It sounded, phenomenal.
… I watched Earth being born.
Silence fell between both of them after this. It gave way for yet another single by Coldplay, A SKY FULL OF STARS. Like it were singing to space. Alaric didn’t want to speak some more now.

. . .

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