Life On Planet Earth — (Update)

Cocoon, a short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY.


So it sings?…
“Yes it sings,… The Beatles sing. Hums to your ears. It’s the music culture.”
Tell me more…
“The blue planet is comprised of a lot of elements, but we find inspiration from a lot of things in life. Music, film culture are some… Things that pull at our heart strings. We make a connection with. Films are a collection of still images projecting moving visuals. Telling a story. You see it being acted out on a larger screen. But technology is changing. There’s digital filmmaking, using a device that preserves information, only it’s not in physical print. Like this…
He pulled out his iPhone, and placed it back.
Used to take selfies…you’ve not seen the Oscars. Self portraits of oneself. Quite popular on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. The social networks, how people communicate with each other nowadays. We call this the social media, to keep in touch.” He continued.
“Photo albums, pictures that take you down memory lane once in a while. You’d be surprised by what we forget at a time.”
And what of music?…
“Music, it’s words of poetry. Lyrics that make a connection. Add a soundtrack to match the intensity. Like the one playing on the radio. Music has come a long way. From CD discs to the digital age. You carry it with you, but it’s somehow in the “cloud”. Metaphorically speaking. On the radio, I could even stream it on Spotify.”
“What I have on me is an iPhone, digital storage of images, films, books and music. This is the next generation of consuming information. Cd’s or even the older of this, the vinyl were thin discs of songs. Thinner and fragile than a frisbee. You could throw it like one.”
What does a frisbee look like?
“Our Solar System is comprised of planets, if you squash Saturn flat to the surface of its outer ring. That’s what a frisbee looks like.”
“And if anyone’s interested in constellations, and planets. You have people peeking through a telescope. Astronomers. Quite a view of the sky and stars.”
“With music… You try to find a song… Lyrics that describe ourself, our life…” Alaric expressed this in a profound way.
Have you found yours?…
“Not really… David Bowies’s song name, The Loneliest Guy comes to mind…” There was a long pause, after which he added.
“Sounds prefect…”

. . . 

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