Wish I’d Known Some Poetry — (Update)

Cocoon, a short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY.


“Wish I’d known some poetry…”
Alaric gently darted his glint eyes right and left into her eyes. She could sense the loneliness. He waited for her voice.
“Your eyes were an instrument… The words were always there.”
“You’ve been gone for a decade.” He continued.
“No one gets to stay…” She’d whispered softly and slowly.
“I find it hard to breathe… Every single day that goes by…”
“Life was never about overdosing on depression, suicide and loneliness… Never about dying out, like this…” A wistful smile made way across her face.
“Hallucinations a drug.” Gently she lifted his face visor, Alaric’s face exposed. She leaned in closer into him.
“Life is never over until you don’t stop breathing.”
Alaric’s eyes stifled but he couldn’t hold back a flood of tears. They began trickling down his face. Streams of it pour down. He tried to look away from her. His face wet, and dazed. Almost forming a wince. The ache in his heart had escalated.
“Did it hurt?…” His voice, shaking and struggle to allow words pass through. Listless eyes wandered.
“What difference does it make?…” She whispered.
“Let’s stay in the moment…” Her dark brown eyes so fragile, vulnerable and yet a glint of hope lingered.
The bubble gently circled as they floated further towards earth. There was silence. But words were being translated with expressions through their eyes. It was enough. Coldplay’s soundtrack, O part 2/reprise called out on the radio. The moment felt like magic. And touching too. The female vocals grew strong around Alaric’s heart. There was a profound sense of loneliness lingering. It was haunting. It felt the same about her. When it came to an end, soon, Alaric came to a life-concerning decision.
Right now, he found comfort. His eyes grew heavy from exhaustion, he’d fallen asleep.

. . .

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