Don’t We Question Our Existence? — (Update)

Cocoon, a short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY.


Gently his eyes grew open, his sight was waking up to the sight of Sarah, a beautiful woman with strands of blonde-brunette curling hair. Her eyes twinkled with admiration. There was a smile greeting him, and then a solemn expression remained on her face. He’d felt safe. And at peace as a lighthearted feeling of weightless air settled inside his chest. With a few gentle blinks he regained his consciousness. He recalled something.
He rose his forearm with the small mirror attached onto it, and glanced towards the lifeform. And waved. This was it. The red bubble began to fade from the bottom around his feet, as it slowly dissolved away from him. Slowly. Gradually making its way up his waistline. But he stared at her. His hand reached out to grab hold of her. Alaric watched as the bubble faded away, she too faded to a memory. It formed back into that red tennis ball like size. Hovering above his head now. She was gone.
Are you sure about this?…
“Don’t we question our existence?… I probably drift over here, that’s good. I’ll be among the stars. I’ll be home soon…”
Soon he’d be deprived of oxygen, and it was fine by him. Because he couldn’t stay any longer without her. There was Coldplay’s soundtrack, O began playing on the radio. Alaric let himself float away as he listened to the soundtrack, until his last breath.
But the red ball had an alternative idea. It gently moulded, elongated and then coated the canister hung behind Alaric’s back. It began to beam like a beacon.
You had passed through a blackhole… You can’t die out here. Earth is where home is.
The red canister then burst with vertigo-inducing thrusts. It made him feel nauseous. Forcing Alaric towards the direction of the blackhole, back towards home. Blue planet. Earth. The thrusts were potent enough to allow Alaric to pass through. It accelerated like a racing hydrogen-induced car… He closed his eyes. Focusing all his efforts and thoughts about her. When he opened his cautious eyes, there was some kind of a warp. Could this have been the blackhole he may have been swung into? A thrust some more, with enough force, he began to drift towards it. He tried to fixate his gaze, but it failed, he was tumbling closer and closer towards it.
Through the loop. Home is on the opposite side.
Alaric was sucked into the warp like a vacuum. Not a spiralling portal out of The Twilight Zone.

. . .

“Where’s Alaric?…”
The voice of a female astronaut declared.

. . .

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