Take a jump back in time

— Rewind 2015 UPDATED
Hello dear friends, what I’m about to present to you is a reflection into some of events that took place as 2015 comes to an end. The idea, which originally stemmed from my dearest friend and Twitter sensation Ksenia Anske. So here is goes, this is my first time at this…

– The first film of 2015, on the 1st of Jan that I was watched was Spike Lee’s #Her, featuring the voice talent of Scarlett Johansson’s playful and flirtatious, self-aware OS, and very much soulful Samantha. A modern masterpiece. 

– #Replay invited me to β-test their app updates. A video editing app by Stupeflix. The app was featured in an Apple Keynote and was labelled Best Of 2014. But was not invited to β-test Storehouse updates since late 2014.

– Read #Irkadura by Ksenia Anske —the Twitter sensation. Wrote a book review.

– The sequel—second season—to the highly creative sci-fi, surrealistic fantasy, TSpE released in a series of installments. Which received to a greatly positive response, unlike the first, that was released back in 2013. The second series was developed and completed in 2013. 

– Mumbai’s globetrotter #Rickshawali of YouTube interview was released on Storehouse, Medium, ReadWave, WordPress and Ello. Which was greatly received. Also created a video intro with the Replay app, for the first, which was exported to YouTube. 

– Read #1Q84, Bk. 1-2 by Haruki Murakami. Which further allowed me to understand written expression. And expand my knowledge.  

– I presented myself in front of The Judge, seeking justice from ongoing behaviour issues towards me, and it came in my favour. The Judge accepted my reasonings, and so I won. The first I had experienced this in my life, was extremely nervous on the day. Not because I was wrong at all, but that, what was to come of the outcome. But as they say, truth always prevails. 

– By mid Feb 2015, I had crossed 5000 readers base on ReadWave! From 30 readers back in July 2014 to 5000 readers, in a length of 7 months. And on 27.06.15, the readers base increased to 8000. Completely astonished! Thank you to all my readers for making this happen! Phenomenal. 

– In April, Sam In Space — Pt. 1, an instalment in the TSpE series, season 2, crossed 200+ likes on Storehouse, loved by the community and was featured. 

– Many of my blog posts continued to trend on ReadWave and receive great success and appreciation. 

– I continued with with communicate with many artists, be it authors, painters and photographers. And also promoted emerging artists around the globe. Via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and email. 

– Received my third dose of Hepatitis B vaccine, followed by a blood test. 

– My dear friend on Twitter shared a group tweet, including myself. I favourited and Re-Tweeted. After a few hours, Actor Carl Weathers, best known for portraying Apollo Creed in the Rocky, tweeted a reply to my tweet with #BePeace. Who had been included in the group tweet. Wow! 

– This was also on the same day I began reading Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson.

– After have listened to an audiobook and following the pages on my iPad, in iBooks, I loved a short piece by Jennifer Sky, #QueenOfTheTokyoBallroom. A real-life incident that changed her life. Powerfully. And later I contacted her via FB and Twitter, congratulated her, wishing her great success. 

– I began writing a novel, for the first time on the 1st of January 2015, when I read my dear friend’s Ksenia Anske blog post. By May I was at 17 chapters. But then began to work on a novella. 

– Tom Hanks typewriter app, Hanx Writer, greatly allows me to write. A digital typewriter that works!

– Communicated with Shadaab Amjad Khan Sir via Twitter, the son of #legendary late Amjad Khan Saab one of the finest actors of the history of Indian cinema. One of my all-time favourites! Amjad Saab was also very well known for his generosities helping people, and participating in many charities around the globe. Congratulated and wish him great success with the release of his debut as novelist, the book #MurderInBollywood. Shadaab did tweeted back. Humbled. 

– An interview that I conducted via email with the photographic and cinemagraphic works by Lebanese artist Lara Zankoul, received great praise, crossing 1000 views in 16 hours! And was featured by Storehouse. It also trended in ReadWave. The second to have received such appreciation. 

– Purchased an iPhone 6 for the first time, with that, I extended myself to further social networks, #Instagram, #Vine, #Periscope, #Steller & #August, which are iPhone-only apps.

– An interview that I conducted via email with the Mixed Media and Portrait Artist Malinda Prud’homme.

– COCCON a short fiction across between 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY & GRAVITY released in August. It’s a space narrative that looks at human interaction, music & film culture, and the digital age of social media through conversations with an alien life form in space. References include soundtracks from Coldplay’s GHOST STORIES. The only two short fiction to release this year. It was greatly praised for its narrative. 

– Connected with #ChasingLife’s leading actress, the phenomenal Italia Ricci. She continues to interact with her audience. She did respond to me, commented and liked my replies. 

– Took my first selfie on my iPhone. And with that, I’ve experimented with photo-editing apps, and filters. Photography is also a subject that intrigues me. 

– Received my copy of Metal Gear Solid V #ThePhantomPain, with Collector’s Edition Guide. The first time I own an #MGS soundtrack. I also received the Blood Poster exclusive from #Game. This is considered Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece but also his final MGS game. #PS4

– Connected with the writers of #TheFinalGirls, Mark A. Fortin & Joshua John Miller, son of Jason Miller (Father Karras of #TheExorcist).

– Books read this year, Irkadura, The Badlings by Ksenia Anske, 1Q84 Bk 1-2 by Haruki Murakami, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz, Queen Of The Tokyo Ballroom by Jennifer Sky & In The Tall Grass by Stephen King. The last book of 2015, #WallStreetToFrance by Rianna Shaikh, I’ve yet to complete a written review of this.

– I won a promo code for #Rosehead audiobook on Amazon by dearest friend & Twitter sensation Ksenia Anske. 

– I’ve began using #Ulysses app for iPad to write.

– Last film of 2015 I watched, #BigHero6. Watched it for the fifth time. 


– Future blog posts will continue to gather momentum.

– An interview with Pakistan’s emerging artist in photography Zoya Tariq is in progress.

– The highly controversial, ZOYA, which is a small event indirectly mentioned in THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF MAYA SAMPATH, could possibly release in 2016. Re-edits of ZOYA is almost complete. 

– I’ve yet to see where 2016 takes me. 

So, that’s all folks! Thank you to everyone for being a part of my life, in the real and the virtual world. For your tremendous support and dear friendship. Keep going strong. Paint the blank canvas of 2016, to whatever you want it to be. Spread your glow. 

Wish you all a very blessed, Happy New Year!