Let Education build us, not destroy us

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Reviving The Love Of Literature

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Beyond Sanity Publishing

Are books your favorite thing? Do you absolutely adore bookshops? Is hanging out with literary people discussing their work your favorite way to spend your evenings? If you answered yes to all these questions then I can bet you rushed eagerly to the Book Launch and Reading Session by Beyond Sanity Publishing on the 9th of May, 2016, at London Book Company, Kohsar Market.

The turnout at this event was delightful. London Book Company was filled to the brim and people who came a bit later faced difficulty in finding a place to sit. The ambiance was perfect for all bookworms and lovers of literature – bookshelves on either side, dimmed lights and glittering stars amid a darkening evening sky outside.

The CEO of Beyond Sanity Publishing, Irum Zahra, came up with this event to ensure that the love of reading remains alive and thriving in Pakistan. Those who…

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Absolute Nothingness


Absolute Nothingness

Staring on my easel

I gently stroked on the canvas,

from my very soul

the colour of hope

it lack vibrancy, carries only dimness

so much hopelessness!

hope fading!

afraid it might fade away in fullness


I approached for the colour of faith,

It was there with all its radiance

spreading smoothly vital on canvas

further adding the colours of agony and pain

appearing vital but vain

there was a desperate want of life!

I approached for the colour of life

oh! I was running short of it !

despite of my wit

I am so short of it!

there is absolute nothingness

so much lifelessness

Despite of such nothingness and lifelessness

I compassionately looked,

looked on to my incomplete painting of love!

here it gives me the inkling what I have been to you!

where You were looking onto me

more compassionately

You claim that  You…

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Brilliant by a wonderful friend and emerging author.




To escape all harshness around,
I stepped into the valley of dreams.
Where there lie all sorts of dreams,
Waiting to be dreamed.
Sweet dreams,
Enchanting dreams,
Aspiring dreams.
There at the corner of the valley
Flows a stream of Lethe.

In order to dream well
one should loose all remembrance

I sipped the water of forgetfulness,
And was lost in the captivating valley.

Where there were sweet dreams
Of bed of roses,
Pixies with pointed noses.
Of lilies,chrysanthemum and hyacinths,
All in fascinating labyrinths.

Of rainy nights,
Of gallant knights,
Of far away lands
Of valleys and islands

Of sweet love song,
Of Keat’s Nightingale’s song,
that I always long .

And of kingdom of heart,
where every end is a fresh start.
Of a die-heart lover
The one that can shower
Endless kisses!

But wait!
I am an aging soul
My dreaming days are over!

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Interview with “Undying Affinity” Book’s Writer Sara Naveed

Pakistani emerging author, her debut novel #UndyingAffinity became a bestseller.

Liberty Books Blog

Undying Affinity by Sara Naveed is now available at Liberty Books stores and online.
Web link:

Sara Naveed is a talented Pakistani writer, Author of the book “Undying Affinity” a love story of a girl “Zarish” belongs to a very rich family. It is really an amazing book covering the chemistry of rich people’s love stories. We are going to talk with Sara Naveed about it. It is a short interview with her to talk about herself and her book.

Q. First of all tell us about your educational background.

A. I have completed my MS. in Banking and Finance from UMT Lahore. Being a finance student, literature always lingered in my thoughts. I’d always wanted to do something in linguistics or literature but couldn’t pursue my education into these departments. I always wanted to be a writer; whether it was about writing fan fictions…

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