Thorns of a Forlorn Rose

Beautifully written by my dearest bestie. A wonderful human being. xoxo

Anouska's Blog


Abandoned on the shores of life,
Life bears no forewarning.
Swayed in the flames of love lost,
The heart is a desert parched for rain.

Forgotten time and again.
To break your own heart along the way and
Witness solitary tears trickle down the cheek.
Through years of repent and sorrow,
Stuck in purgatory,
Unable to breathe between two worlds.

Where art thou?
My Saviour, I turn to thee.
Protect me in the palm of your hands,
Gift this forlorn heart the shade it yearns
sheltered under your wings.

As I lay my head to rest,
Let my heart set sail,
Toward those isles of yours that wait for me.
Hear the beat of my drum,
Not having to return to this world of make-believe fairy tales
Run at the mercy of the myriad puppeteers,
House my soul once again in the endless oceans of your unwavering mercy,
Till they…

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