Let Education build us, not destroy us

Interesting and thought-provoking.

Dr Chand Zahid

The big debate about whether primary school children should be doing the SATs test, has taken the whole country by surprise. Every parent of a primary school child seems to be either overly worried or incredibly confused. It came to such a serious standstill where parents ended up opting to keep their children off school (Children school strike on 3rd May 2016) desperately trying to make a valid point to the Government. I have attended few school meetings where the School has tried to involve parents by showing them the complexity of SATS sample papers. Why on earth, did the School feel the need to get parents involved in presenting their student’s new curriculum so the children get ready for their SATS examination better? No disrespect to the School, as they thought that was best thing to do. But what this represent is a inane situation, where schools is…

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