Through Trials and Tribulations


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Cradled in the sands of time
A voice rises within when the
Heart cries for shelter
To know if someone is there

God bears a silent witness to our human strife and
The inevitable misery of attachment we burden ourselves
With but there is no happiness as fine as detachment

Can we be raised from damnation?
Enveloped in the warmth of a Divine presence
Severing our chain of hopeless despair?

As an awakening full of promises
Awaits in the dance of leaves in the wind
Caressing the beauty of our bare being

An undampened ardour flourishes across
The cloudless sky with wild pulse
Of exploding colours cleansing the
Palette of life by His ceaseless grace

And we are reminded
Our soul is courage,
Soaring on wings like an eagle
Made to fly above the storm.

By Anouska Banerjee

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Let Writers Love.

Beyond Sanity Publishing

Don’t let a writer fall in love with you if you’re afraid of the attention.

Because they will notice everything – the way you wrinkle your forehead when completely clueless about something. How you absentmindedly scratch your knee when furiously scribbling notes. The soft sigh that escapes your lips when you lean back on your pillow, tired after a day’s work. They will notice the slightest of purrs that emanates from you as you pull a blanket over your body, and the softest of smiles in which your left dimple flashes merrily.

Don’t let a writer fall in love with you if you’re apprehensive of taking care.

They will be emotional – dramatic too, sometimes to the extent of driving you crazy. But don’t lose your cool when, and not if, they do that when you two fight. Look into their eyes and see past the heightened emotions within…

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Let me fly

Beautiful dear. : D

Areeba Noor


 If you hold me tight, I might die.
Trust me and let me fly.
Give me just one chance by letting me fly.
You are afraid of thunder and I am afraid of not-to-fly.
Don’t trap me in a cage, I have wings to fly.
I have no map but trust me I will come back to you only.
My wings are blessings, I want to fly.
If you love me, let me fly.
The sky is clear, my peeps are calling me, hope you understand, please! Let me fly.
I too have a heart, secretly wishes to fly; my only dream is to fly.

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