Under a Lamppost

Deep and meaningful.

Broken Writer

“How could this be?” He gasped and drew in his breathe. “How could this be,” he said again. With each breath, his voice became angrier filled with remorse. “How could this be!”

Emad did not notice the little girl wearing a red jumper, hiding beneath the shadow of his demise. Her eyes caught a wisp of regret and held in her breathe, unlike the man’s, but more so of utter sorrow.

Why would Emad who not a moment ago was dancing alongside happiness, turn against the world? Why was it easy for him to let go of every moment and lean toward hatred?

The little girl crouched and squinted her eyes to see better in the dimly lit corridor.

It began to sprinkle and soft raindrops kissed her cheeks gently stroking away her tears.

She noticed his hands were rough and large. Perhaps a laborer who toiled in the sun. But…

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Palestinian Political Revolution: Determined Connection to the World

By a re-emerging author and dear friend.

Broken Writer

                  The Palestinian cause has shifted in recent years toward a subtler characteristic of going through a rainstorm with feet dragging in sloshed mud toward yet another rainfall. It is endless, though it is tireless on some ends, but the ends do not meet. Sometimes, it can feel like being lost within the new emerging writers and directors take on Palestine. Lost in misunderstanding of the purpose of their claims. These anti-hero mashups can feel like an ego seeking needs only for the desire to become famous (they so happen to be Palestinian-shocking).  However, there are some contrasts between films that directly present the Palestinian cause, and the others that seek to present to the audience that Palestine is more than just a war torn land, there is beauty and people within it that worry about their individual problems, people like you…

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