Eid Reflections

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Hajrah L M

Eid Mubarak to all of those celebrating, and those who aren’t! I hope you’ve had a good one. Today, it seems appropriate to reflect on what it means to be Muslim in Britain right now.

I’ve been fortunate to live my life in a multicultural place, thanks to a combination of Birmingham, my parents and my schools. I was raised in a moderate, accepting home with friends of every walk of life. I never questioned my belonging; the idea of being “different” does not cross your mind when you live surrounded by love.

The past few years have forced Muslims to think about these things; I’d like to give a particular shoutout to certain strands of the mainstream media for this. It’s such a horrible question to ask yourself, “Am I wanted?”.

It’s a really strange thing how certain things make you really aware of who you are and how…

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Writer’s Music: Alan Silvestri

Keep going strong dear friend. God bless. 😇

Jean Lee's World

220px-beowulf_coverArt speaks with many tongues: language, imagery, and music. I often find the mix of two helps me create the third: for instance, the scores Ramin Djawadi wrote for Game of Thrones helped me shape the story arc of my Middle Grade fantasy Middler’s Pride. John Carpenter’s eerie synthesized melodies wracked up the tension in my short fiction “The Stray.”I listen to these compositions and stare at a landscape or portraits of those who inspire my characters, and find life moving forward: the characters speak, the land folds itself as a blanket Biff whips and bunches up to become a mountain.

Sometimes, though, a buffer remains: I can see the story, but I see it as an outside observer. Some stories can’t be told with that kind of distance. The narrator must be a character within the tale. Or, at the very least, the narrator must latch onto a character…

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