Eid Reflections

Powerful and interesting piece of writing…

Hajrah L M

Eid Mubarak to all of those celebrating, and those who aren’t! I hope you’ve had a good one. Today, it seems appropriate to reflect on what it means to be Muslim in Britain right now.

I’ve been fortunate to live my life in a multicultural place, thanks to a combination of Birmingham, my parents and my schools. I was raised in a moderate, accepting home with friends of every walk of life. I never questioned my belonging; the idea of being “different” does not cross your mind when you live surrounded by love.

The past few years have forced Muslims to think about these things; I’d like to give a particular shoutout to certain strands of the mainstream media for this. It’s such a horrible question to ask yourself, “Am I wanted?”.

It’s a really strange thing how certain things make you really aware of who you are and how…

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