Storyteller. Scientist. Volunteer. Painter. Artist. Bookworm. Blogger. β-tester. Dyslexic. Thinker. #ProjectLG. ☮

I enjoy reading on my iPad, when I can. I enjoy reading stories with supernatural themes, also the kind I’m hoping to write someday. Hope so. : )

I read Stephen King’s eBook, Mile 81 (also own the audiobook version) & Dean Koontz’s Odd Interlude (a three-part novella series) 1 & 2, have yet to read 3.

Ksenia Anske’s #WIP excerpt, Siren Suicides was very intriguing. She conceived a 7-part, Siren Story Surge installments. With 7 different twitter follower-writers. Her brainchild of an idea.

Dionne Lister has been a great inspiration, her work and herself as a person.

For her time & guidance, when I first started out writing she was the first individual to have accepted to read my very first micro-fiction, Pod. It was because of her flash-fiction, Undertow, that Pod had formed. I enjoy reading her work.


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