Alaric Park. #WIP “Bulb”

Alaric had been waiting in the balcony. His hair trimmed short and even dyed blonde, the roots were still dark. Tear-filled eyes refused to hold back. The emptied Smirnoff bottle laying around on the floor suggested Alaric had been drinking.

He wasn’t completely intoxicated but he was beyond vulnerable. The morbidly bad feeling that was churning deep in his stomach. A dreadful feeling surged through him. Saddening.

Held in one hand a drug pipe, and in the other, a lighter. He lit the drug pipe as he heated the subtending leaves of marijuana. Yes, marijuana. He probably might have been carrying it in his cylindrical bag.

He was suddenly mixing his alcohol contents with drugs. His life had been vandalised. Consumed by hallucinogenic euphoria.

His gravely staring eyes. Drooped with distorted reality.


Cecilia E. Page excerpt. #WIP “Bulb”.

Cecilia E. Page

Ce sat waiting with a microphone pinned to the boat neckline of her white organic tank top. A photo-shoot setting with a white sheet in the background and the lighting directing at her.

The free-spirited, 25 year-old was about to be interviewed on-set about her very first 3 minute short digital film titled, Pod.

She’d been experimenting with the digital camera “Epic” by digital RED One camera, recently used by director David Lynch for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Ce or Etta as her colleagues called her, is a pregnant filmmaking graduate.

Ce switched the flashlight off. And waited. Waited to flash the beam the second time. Knowing how fiercely purging it was now.

Supernaturally. Purging.

The Other Side of The Mirror

Chapter One: The Mirror By Caroline Rainbow

Just read the 1st chapter sample, thoroughly enjoyed reading this chapter.

It was mesmerising stuff. Powerful. Potent and highly effective writing. There was an extreme surge of excitement as I read, moving from one paragraph to the next.

Your work is amazing! All the very best my good person.