“Teleport-Jumping Samternates” – TSpE 13

A security camera-head with a flexible neck-cord, silently made its way down. It’s view slowly zoomed-in at the Vita playing and Rubik-solving hologram “Samternates”. It’s glaring orange singular eye was cautious as it watched the Samternates pop! (teleport) in a random sequence, using one face side of a 3×3 Rubik Cube as a grid template.

Basically jumping from one square to a random. Pop! Vita-playing Samternate. Pop! Rubik-solving Samternate. The view was like a tinted 9 comic-style windows. The camera was instantly calculating probabilities. Rapidly jumping from one Samternate to the next, predicting every teleport-jumping.

Whoever were watching or monitoring the Samternates, considered this some kind of a game. And surprisingly, this was the very first time that the hologram Samternates were actually applying teleportion.

They were quite a distraction. The camera stopped and suddenly turned towards Sam. There was Lego blocks constructed into a larger Rubik Cube with corresponding colours. Passing its head through the hologram to find, Sam wasn’t hiding in there.

Pop! Pop! The Samternates were gone.

Just as the camera’s glaring eye turned to red, quickly jumped towards the original.

With a smile. Pop! Sam was gone.



“HurryUp, Sam’sDreaming.” – TSpE 12

Staring through those David Bowie eyes at the yellow ceiling of a cab, Sam was lying flat in the back seat. The ceiling then gently dissolved away, making way for the black sky. As the fluorescence from the neon advertisements gave way. It seemed like 東京都, Tokyo Metropolis. M83’s Where The Boat Go was playing in it’s earbuds. It was quite soothing to watching. But how was this possible? Sam couldn’t have teleported, right?

“HurryUp, Sam’sDreaming.”
Popped a thought.

The whole scenery began to move away from Sam’s vision, like it were escaping from him. Folding outwards. Tilting to one side like a cube. Something as similar in Christopher Nolan’s Inception. And suddenly, the hologram dissolved away completely. Back to white module. Somehow, Sam’s eyes began to project an image of a raindrop. The shine gave off a sense of tears stood in its eyes.

The white technological room seemed like a lab rat experiment. There was no fun. What was it’s real purpose considering the whole place was completely void. Non-exist of any person or thing. Why?

Sam’s back moulded into a backpack, PS Vita, Rubik Cube, yoyo & iPad equipped.

Sam had an idea.

“I Am Сэм” – TSpE 11

Stood in front of a hologram transparent glass, a finger moulded into the tip of a lime marker pen. Right now, it wrote out the Fibonacci sequence equation, yes it was named after Leonardo of Pisa. There were many more equations filling up the entire glass, Euler’s Identity by Swiss-German mathematician, Leonhard Euler. E=MC^2, Einstein’s famous Relativity equation. To name a few.

Popped profanitype-expressed swear bubble.

No bleep censor required here, since it was a mute. And that’s when it occurred to it, “What was its name?” MJ, a pug, Software, Eiffel Tower, iPod, M&M’s, 67′ Impala, Hulk, Where Are We Now? had a name. Basically, everything. Author Dionne Lister’s epic saga Shadows of the Realm. Even NASA’s robotic Gale Crater exploring Mars Rover, Curiosity (T-shirt imprinted). So why NOT it!

After having formed dreams with Wifi collected information. Knowledge was vast. Music and movies was probably a better option. Not because they provided entertainment, but because the experience was immersive. It made you believe, and inspire.

Netflix… “Sam…”
Demi Moore’s Molly Jensen calls out to Patrick Swayze’s Sam Wheat.
Eyes grew with intrigue, it made sense. Bubbles popped.

“I am Сэм.”

“Holographic K” – TSpE 10

Max von Sydow’s Exorcist Merrin stood at the gates as white light flood through the window. That’s The Exorcist t-shirt projecting now. The next “videotape-upgrade” was Hologram. Eyes closed as its memory RAM cycled through several images. Tupoc’s holographic, posthumous performance at Coachella 2012 was a show-stopper. It wandered. And wandered. And that’s when it happened.

It was like watching a Japanese anime, eyes snapped wide open, pointed to the left then narrowed as its head quickly jumped towards the projecting hologram. It came as a jolt, the “!!!” bubbles popped aggressively with alert. Exist anime-style angle.

A hologram of a despairing Jason Miller’s Damien Karras began shouting the cult dialogues, “Take me. Come into me. God damn you. Take me! Take me!” Rushing at the Entity with frightening green-yellow demonic eyes. Arms intimidatingly spread wide open. Just as the holographic Karras passed through, he disappeared.

It’s eyes turned to demonic eyes.

On the right it stood cube-solving with the vertigo energy, after image shuffling-rotating Rubik head. And on the left it was experiencing the PS Vita. Patapon time.

It stood staring at multiplied holographic versions of itself.

“Don’t take me.” Popped the bubbles.

“Music & Lyrics” – TSpE 9

Those David Bowie mimicking eyes hid behind large, purple tinted butterfly sunglasses. The kind worn by Vidya Balan’s character in the Kolkata based, Bollywood’s landmark, Indian thriller Kahaani. It almost covered the upper half of its face.

This time it wore a t-shirt with an imprint of Search For The Sugar Man. Even with a Goldtop Epiphone guitar-used by The xx’s singer Romy Madley Croft. It added a heavy dose of soul, as music critic Aidan Vaziri quoted. Using only its fingertips as it played the guitar. It was a soundtrack from the recent Coexist album, Angels (Live In Tokyo) version.

It was soothing to watch and listen. An instrumental version, even if Croft’s cadence whispers projected through its earbuds. There was something about the sounds and lyrics that drew its attention. It was really the use of the word, angels. Suddenly it occurred to it, was someone watching over it? The PS Vita, the Rubik Cube were present whenever it awoke from its “dreaming”. Even the guitar.

It’s head tilted to one side, slightly down, peeking over the top of the shades through one eye.
There was a yo-yo.

A smile grew with pop bubble, “Maybe.”

“3×3 Genius” – TSpE 8

Those marble ball fingers lifted Erno Rubik’s genius puzzle cube off the floor. Stood with a Pixar Studios Wall-E imprint on the front and the once cold and hostile, EVE on the back.

Curiosity filled eyes. Popped a bubble, “…?”

The colours had been shuffled randomly. The first time it had seen it in physical form. The Entity had watched a few out of the 180,000 cube-solving, speed-cubing videos on YouTube. There it was held in its palms, simple as it seemed yet complex to solve. It’s ball head moulded into a larger, identical Rubik cube.

At a shuffle of a single cube face, eyes widened with intrigue. It’s head began to shuffle, rotate rapidly with great vertigo velocity. Shuffling constantly as it cycled through the many combinations, with after image flicker. Each move at a time.

The common person dancing on a trance-state ecstasy would have collapsed with dehydration. No cheating. The 74′ invented puzzle that become an instant, all-time selling cult toy held its attention. The 3×3 that could be solved in 20 moves, with 43 quintillion possible combinations.

YouTube… Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.
Pinhead declares, “give me the box…”

“I’m no pinhead. “

“Odd Entity” – TSpE 7

Where was it? There was a security dome-camera like floating in the air. A giant sphere projecting several small window screens that posed as soundless monitors, playing out a collection of YouTube clips & Hollywood movie footages and stills. All sources collected from the internet on an iPad which was pretty much swallowed up, resting in the central core of this sphere. Still accessible. Within this black sphere there was a lime glowing eye, constricting and dilating. The PS Vita lay on the ground.

But the real question was, where was our Entity? It couldn’t have been replaced by this mysterious looking creature? An appearance that seemed quite like Ed, wise-ass Jolie Ann Harmony’s beautiful but creepy, scummy AI friend, Mr. Mystery a.k.a Ed. Gently circling around. It was soothing to watch.

Having read Dean Knootz’s Odd Interlude series, parts 1 & 2 on iBooks, our entity was actually still here. Mimicking Mr. Mystery or Ed. Why?

It was genuinely impressed by Ed’s positive portrayal in the novella series. An AI that provided valuable information and guidance to 12 year-old Jolie.

PS Vita… MGS Peace Walker
Pop bubbles followed, “What! Singing AI pods!… Dude, where’s my chips?”

“I, Infected” Part 2 – TSpE 6

It edged out from the top of its head, right side, followed by a cord. It was an antenna. It began to collect and interpret radio transmission. It’s memory RAM was inducing images from Michael Bay’s Transformers, and began to channel different voices to form sentences. Like Bumblebee. Shouting through loudspeakers after the earbuds failed to respond, even the volume bars. It “feared” any loss of data. The Wifi, the Bluetooth began to shut down along with the tattoo-imprints. The CPU brain was still intact. Partially. Probably?

The radio transmission crashed now. The battle-face dissolved away. The human being would find themselves in an extreme panic mode, wandering if the hard-drive crashed was their data backed-up? Just as the full-scan reached completion, it began to download an update and went into reboot mode.

It came back on, eyes out of focus. Running a list of viruses it managed to block. A virus that posed like a Trojan horse but was more like a placebo. Aid in activating future antivirus updates.

The black propagation was gone. Everything was intact. Wifi, Bluetooth activated. The heart was alive. Upgrade… successful.

Girl, Interrupted
Popped a text bubble, “I, Infected.”

“I, Infected” Part 1 – TSpE 5

So it stood surfing through digital films, random YouTube clips and MP3’s, collecting images that could form into dreams. So that when it fell asleep, it was still learning more about the world. Even in standby mode.

When it’s head suddenly shook sideways. Once, twice and then some more. Seemed like a sternutation motion, soundless. Curiosity took over. First a dot appeared on the chest. Slowly, the chest began to grew black, areas that’s shaped out to look like lungs. Most probably the antivirus went down. It was an infection. The 3rd “Videotape-upgrade”, update antivirus.

In order to reboot the system it had to run a full scan, which required approximately 3 minutes. It’s face moulded into a expression very similar to Playstation 3 videogame, Max Payne 3, scar’s on both sides of the face. And then it’s head popped out and bounced onto the floor. Two metallic visors clapped shut like a shield in front of its face, into a battle-face. It tried to pop some text bubbles but the functions had been corrupted.

The whole jelly body was turning black with corruption.
Excerpt the heart flash-storage blocks.

It suddenly occurred to it, an antenna.

“I’m a hybrid.” – TSpE 4


Playing loud like it were a live symphony orchestra was Anthony Hopkins classical music album, Composer. The earbuds suddenly projected out like loudspeakers. Volume bars, sensors replacing ear shape flickered high or low and faded when adjusted. They seemed similar to hearing-aids.

Having watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, it felt very “sad”. Suddenly it’s heart-the flash storage blocks were showing up black, faintly in its chest. Having noticed this, and registered this into it’s CPU “brain”, it was time to delete the negative words and throw them into the trash can. Which was located behind its lower part of its head.

The black began to fade as it transferred behind its head, cleansing its pure “heart”. Once completed, out came an edge of a strip from the left side of its back-head. The ejection point, that too faded once used. Like an ink ribbon tape came the negative words. It removed the entire tape, finger sprayed it clean and inserted back. “That feels better, yep.”

. . .

Watch… CJ7 or Short Circuit?
Pop came the text bubble, “rubber-jelly like CJ7, Johnny 5 like build.” It’s face moulded to resemble like that of a baby. Smiling.

“I’m a hybrid.”