D36 – Wake Up Like It Were A Dream

Dark eyes awoke wide open through the night, and gently she made her way down the stairs. One foot after another. Slowly as the stairs creaked quietly. She probably didn’t have any recollection of it at all. What about time? She had thought to herself as she was about to twist the key. What was right twist?

Well, the victimised 36 was back to 18. Dahlia had in fact, RESET time. She pulled everything back to the same night it had all occurred. Hadn’t it has been for this change, this reset, Dahlia would have killed herself.

The free-spirited, 18 year-old Dahlia paused as she reached the living room. And waited as she stared at the vacant living. It was very silent. Empty of that large gas bursting, sleep-inducing, solidifying jelly cocoon. She thought she had heard a sound. But to her surprise, there was no one there.

A warm smile gently grew over her. There was a twinkle in her eyes. She sighed almost with a sound. Followed by a soft yawn. Wake up like it were a dream. Probably so for her since she had no recollection of such life-changing events.

Dahlia felt safe.


D36 – Pt. 2

The pod had arrived within the large alien ship along with Dahlia. She hopped out and scanned her right and left, picking up red holographic body outlines of inflated balloon head entities through walls. She had been teleported to a pod batch engineering location, where alongside her pod there were still coma-induced balloon head entities resting within many more pods.

She thought of a diversion. It had to be effective enough to draw much attention. She’d began enforcing for greater mental telepathy, causing the batch pods to melt with acidic deterioration. She knew when the deterioration reached to the lower part of the pod, it had an explosive kind of effect. She then jump-teleported away before the explosion was about to ignite as the meltdown reached the bottom, with accelerated velocity.

It tore parts off the ship out into the sky. Dahlia jumped into the mainframe part of the ship where two ballon-heads had been protecting it. Just when they turned towards her, their heads exploded with powder particles. She stood facing the mainframe, a large red ball with a small switch at the centre, with a hole for some kind of a key to activate it.

It seemed familiar she felt, and fished in her pockets quickly. Held in her hand was a micro key-ring, shaped like a miniature pod. She had escaped with it when she was abducted. And knew what to do because just before the ballon heads exploded she had read their thoughts. She knew that placing the key into the mainframe, could initiate two consequences.

Twist to the left would cause the whole ship to go off like a nuclear bomb. Killing herself along with the aliens. She was much acceptable of this, after what had happened to her. Twist to the right, would… Well she had to decide.

Just when she positioned the key-ring into the switch, firmly intent on killing herself along with the ship. Tears filling her eyes. She paused. And thought. What difference would it make? Nothing would change. The real question was, What about time?

She held out her hand touching the mainframe, and then gently, twisted the key ring to the right. The mainframe turned to shimmer with orange along with Dahlia and slowly directing her eyes towards her hand, she began to absorb away. Dazzling light filled the whole place.

D36 – Pt. 1

Dark eyes were filling up at every thought that continued to evoke emotions in her. Glistening potently with melancholy.

She tried to contain them, but for how long. The tension in her throat grew weight with discomfort. She’d been drinking, not intoxicated completely. The truth is, she’d been removed from the face of this earth 19 years ago. Abducted by sleep-inducing fumes, solidified within a jelly-like translucent cocoon.

Even when she was mentally conscious she was able to sense and understand, or even hear what was happening to her. Injected with unknown substances. Experimented. She would hear the loud, throbbing motion of her heart pounding from it. She’d felt or engraved within her mind that she wouldn’t make it out of there alive. But she did.

She escaped. Or rather the substance that mutated her DNA, caused her to inherit abilities. Being able to jump-teleport. Telepathy. Surprisingly, the substance was supposed to mutate her, her physical self. But, despite inheriting such abilities. Her body seemed immune.

The world was as if no human being had ever been born. Void with no existence. Except the large alien ship that cloaked itself invisible in the sky. The waist-height pods were still here.

Here she was back on earth. Dahlia at 36 years of age. Sulking. Angry with rage. Overwhelmed. There was something quite emotionally troubling. The once shy, wallflower, and suddenly a free-spirited buzz of energy at 18, had lost out on years.

She inhaled slowly and deeply. Trying to hold herself together. Dahlia wasn’t frightened anymore. Any frenzied panic was completely eased from within her. Probably weeping for some moment made sense, felt right. She wanted to release herself and the burdened pressure that almost was consuming her from within.

After which, Dahlia stared at the pod that stood motionless, her eyes almost squashed together. Enforcing mental telepathy. She’d practiced enough to know what she was destructively capable of. She was able to block her natural instincts or feelings.

The pod failed to read her vital signs, they weren’t human readings. Something far similar to the inflated balloon head entities. When the pod submitted and grew free-she sensed, with her teleport ability she hopped right into it. She knew that the pod was possibly the way for her to teleport back.

Dahlia had an idea. A very dangerous kind.
It was suicide.

Pod – The diluted concept of p4

There were plans for a part 4, but the ideas, despite being innovative, didn’t seem effective. The author felt it would dilute the impact of Part 3.

OUTLINE: 3 days had passed after the events of Part 3. Dahlia awakens at the humming of a CD player shouting miles away. With no one around.

She remembers briefly that she had been abducted. And that when she awoke, she swallowed a keyring sized, bullet-shaped explosive device…

She forces herself to vomit the device out onto the floor, pushes down and twists it. It pops to a larger version, the size of her forearm. Removing the top she carries it with her. She’d seen it in action and knew of its power.

The device sends off a flashing amber beacon, calling out. Just as a set of aliens arrive at the site, holding the removed, top part of the device, she twists the centre-positioned red button. The lower part of the device go’s off like a nuclear explosion.

Despite writing this concept, it didn’t seem convincing. Thereby, discarded.

What is Pod? – Theme

Warning contains spoilers. Take caution.

Innovative. Original. Intriguing. An experimental. A micro-fiction.          Pod is my brainchild.

It’s basically a sci-fi, but with a supernatural kind of feeling. The author wanted the micro-fiction to feel more supernatural despite a sci-fi narrative.

The author also wants to express a virus like theme within the narrative, such as the Pod, being a foreign agent, and the biohazard team, antibodies.

But as viruses eliminate antibodies, they take over the host’s immune system. Here, the Pod(s) take over, to initiate an invasion.

Authors interpretation of Pod

Warning contains spoilers. Take caution.

We, as a reader know that Dahlia has moved into her home, the same night the events unfold – the Pod is found. First it appears as a small coke can, so Dahlia assumes.

Despite, introducing this concept as a micro-fiction, of two halves. There were ideas that were unexplained, such as the character, Dahlia.

A can be, free-spirited individual but is suffering from mental fragmentation. She therefore at first feels she was hallucinating, delusional.

She can see a “Pod”, but probably felt, this was her “Pod”. The protrusion of Dahlia, termed by the bullies at school. The fact is, Dahlia isn’t being delusional here, despite feeling so.

The pod is real. And each one has landed for invasion. The concept carries a end-of-the-world theme.


Dahlia is wearing a white t-shirt with the Stand Up To Cancer imprinted on the front, In Memory of…

The pod starts off as a small can – the first warning of invasion before again seen as a larger pod.

Despite an internal power cut, how did Dahlia manage to contact the quarantine team? Her cellphone didn’t switch on too. Only when she stepped outside, the cellphone switched back on.

After the amber flashing beacon, each Pod has generated a signal to the mothership, for invasion.

Last minute idea that was visualised during editing, was that an equipment was used which gave off high, soundless wavelengths. Generated from the pod, as if it was “communicating” out. This was not added to the final version.

Originally, there were plans a sound would blare as a sign that an invasion was about to happen. But one movie came to mind for this The Thing (2011). But this was dropped.

After watching the earlier first half of The Mist on Blu Ray, the klaxon sound effect was perfect for the story, and therefore was included eventually.

The concept of Pod was visualised 3-4 years back.

Pod was split into two halves. Completed late October 2012, in four days. Later underwent the editing process.

Planned for release early 2013, (not worldwide).


Pod was originally planned as a novella. But after reading established author Dionne Lister’s Undertow – Flash Fiction. The mental light bulb switched on.

Suddenly I realised that I should accept the challenge of writing a micro-fiction, (Introduced by this term from Dionne’s work).

The concept of Pod came to mind, for this, first time experiment with a micro-fiction structure.

Dionne Lister provided great editing improvements for the first draft of Pod. Also introduced to the role of an editor. Will always be grateful to Dionne for her time and guidance.

First time the author went out to find published authors via Twitter. With great hesitations.



. . .

Dahlia had been staring at it for about an hour. Curiosity took over her mind. She couldn’t think, even if she tried hard. What was this thing? How could it be here without warning or any sound? The only questions that continued to provoke her.

Jolting as it were waking up, strolling down the stairs and suddenly you find, not a stranger, but something this huge. Strange. Like it was an alien object. Ambiguous. It stood there. Nothing like the controversial alien saucer advertised on TV. But indeed. An unidentified object. What she thought of as a “Pod”, as it stood motionless.

Speaking of TV, it was the loud static that had woken her up through the night. And then it wouldn’t switch on after that. It seemed that the internal power was completely out. A power cut? Yet, outside, the porch lamp was on, the street lights were working.

Her dark dilated eyes stared at this thing. The fact was, she was alone. She had no friends around here. Right now, her psychological self was against her. She felt something churning her stomach. Impulsively.

Could the pod be watching her? Monitoring her vital signs, her body language? It stood at just over waist height was circular, more tall than wide. It seemed heavy. She thought it looked like a giant coke can. She remembered seeing a small coke can in the backyard this morning when she moved in. Maybe, what she assumed was a coke can was not? But then, this didn’t seem quite like a coke can. It was bright orange.

. . .

Despite seeming like a benign object, she was frightened to approach it.

What if it were contagious?


. . .

A quarantine team arrived to carry out an investigation. Extremely baffled, for them to consider such a thing. A biohazard. They approached it. Dahlia watched from an outside window, nearby of the porch light. For what she were to witness in the next moment. It was terrifying. The horror. Her mouth fell open with dread.

Just as the team approached the pod, it suddenly turned to lime green—sort of a sensory response. It was “cautious” now. The team paused, startled. When they gained closer, with slight caution. It turned to red and tore wide open. A potent burst of powerful gas burst forth, followed by particles of something acidic.

It vaporised the entire team. Even their biohazard suits. Reduced to burning black ash. Dahlia gave off a quick low pitch scream and ran out into the centre of the road, startled in a frenzied panic. Baffled. Her face reduced to a wince. Was she hallucinating again? Protrusion of Dahlia? It had to be?

Extreme anxiety was causing her to quiver. Burning tears rushing to her eyes. Breathing out of her lungs, as she cried out. Her heart throbbed loud into her throat. Dahlia struggled to find her voice. She’d realised as she watched the team die horrific deaths in front of her eyes, that it was indeed an alien object. And that nothing on this earth could possibly stop it.

She glanced everywhere for help, but what came next wasn’t help. Suddenly from every house on the block, everyone came rushing out. Screaming over their voices. At the sighting of a giant unidentified object found resting in their living room.

. . .

It turned amber, giving off a calling out flashing beacon.

And then a klaxon blared out loud into the distance.


. . .

Her bulging eyes watched as it approached her. Glistening tears waited. Dahlia wasn’t frightened. No such symptoms of frenzied panic. Her mind was like a writers block. She had seen it emerge out from the Pod. The foreign invader. Unusually elongated, slender arms and legs, 6ft in height. A huge head shaped like an inflated balloon. The protrusion of Dahlia it wasn’t. This was very real.

It stood in front of her with its twig-like neck arched over her. Large cat-like emerald eyes stared at Dahlia, intimidatingly. She was reflecting in its diamond-shaped pupils. Dilated with curiosity. The first time it had seen an human being.

Her teary eyes had widened as she stared at those emerald eyes turn to red, and then it’s balloon-head tore wide open as powerful gas burst forth. Her nostrils plug by some sort of sleep-inducing fumes. It sent a tingling sensation along her nose-bridge. Dahlia broke away choking, uncontrollably. Her sight grew blurry and distorted before she fell unconscious onto the ground.

It’s head grew back together from solidifying gas particles. Cat eyes turned to amber before it teleported away with Dahlia. A bubble bursting kind of expression. Instant. Without sound.

. . .

The amber fluorescent created from a gaseous form had solidified along with Dahlia. She was enclosed in a suspended state, within this jelly-like translucent cocoon.

Her eyes remained shut as if in deep sleep. Some sort of coma. Still mentally conscious. She was still alive.

. . .

The second sound of the klaxon began to blare outside.

Dahlia could hear the sound, but she was trapped within the claustrophobic space of the Pod.

Escape was inevitable.