Siren Story NUMBER 8

By Laura Morrigan

Absolutely powerful. It almost left me spechless. Liked how the narrative developed into a personal, imaginative experience.

It intensified leading to an exciting, engaging climax.

One that is deeply, emotionally & tragic. Sirens could protect the humankind here.

The last installment in the Siren Surge series is a personal time-travel journey into the unknown. Gripping stuff from Laura Morrigan.

Loved it.


Siren Story NUMBER 7

By J.R. Murdock 

 With engaging characters, Bobby & Jimmy Joe reminded of Stephen King kind of characters. You relate to them in an instant.

It’s effectively gripping, once the wharling cries of the baby are introduced, you’re in for a drowning treat.

Very absorbing material by J. R. Murdock. Worse than gators, Sirens will consume you.

Siren Story NUMBER 6

Harper’s Cath In Virture By Franza Dirnberger 

Spellbinding. Completely! After reading the previous Siren Surge installment, I actually felt, Harper was gone.

This Siren would turn nasty, frighteningly. But, that didn’t happen. Liked this change in the series.

Franza Dirnberger grabs hold of your attention, her metaphors refuse to let you go, in an exciting, praising sense.

Powerful stuff.

Siren Story NUMBER 4

By Kasten Hidalgo

Liked the twist at the very end, when she echoes back to her.

A very different kind of Siren, one that captures the protagonist’s point of view, effectively expressing her sense of vulnerability.

What takes you by surprise is the addition or secret of the collar. Potent use of metaphors by Kasten H.

Siren Story NUMBER 3

Zombie Siren By Caroline Rainbow

The third Siren Story Surge installment kept me on the edge of my seat. Caroline Rainbow is extremely talented.

She’s provided a gripping narrative from the Siren’s point of view.

Effectively potent. The background behind the Siren is an attention-grab. Excellent! Loved it! Caroline R, you rock!

Siren Story NUMBER 2

The Water Siren By Aliaa El-Nashar

The second installment of the Siren Story Surge was amazing, supsenseful. Liked it very much! Like the ear plug idea, the hypnotic voice of the Siren, poisoned arrow. She is deadly.

 Praise for Aliaa El-Nashar, for developing this installment of Siren. She’s quite good at creating suspense.

Siren Story NUMBER 1

By Kristal Bailey

Read the first Siren Story Surge installment conceived by Ksenia Anske. Highly enjoyed the story written with powerful imagination by Kristal Bailey.

Was introduced to Ksenia’s #WIP excerpt of Siren Suicides. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. Every bit of it. Hold her #WIP in high praise.